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JibFlex is an innovative solution and it is the outcome of several years of installation and maintenance work offshore in Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind farms. It offers unique articulation capabilities, which allow items to be lifted and moved through small openings, tight corners and in small spaces, with reduced personnel.

JibFlex cuts manual handling to a minimum and reduces risk of personal injury. The product range offers solutions that lift up to 500kg and work within a radius of up to 7m thus being a vital component in a safer working environment. The jib arm can be rapidly installed and either left in place for future operations or simply disassembled and moved to another location.

Some of the applications where the JibFlex has been applied in the wind industry:

  • On wind turbine door frames for easy transfer of the items from the outside of the turbine to the internal working platforms
  • Inside a wind turbine nacelle for component exchanges, such as replacement of hydraulic power units, delta units or yaw gears
  • Inside the tower at different tower levels to support O&M activities
  • On Construction Support Vessels for easy transfer of items from the main vessel to the transfer vessel
  • On the quayside for easy transfer of items to the transfer vessels

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